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Groen INA/2-100-I-IG Stainless Steel Kettle with Agitator

This GROEN Model INA/2-100 is a direct steam heated cooker/mixer and is designed to process products that require heating/cooling and light mixing.

It is used for soups, stews, sauces, chili, syrups and confections, chowders and casseroles, braising ground meat and specialised coating applications.

The s/s stationary kettle is 2/3 jacketed and supported by 4 legs.
Model: INA/2-100-I-IG
Material : 316 SUS
WP: 100 PSI at 338 deg F (170 Degrees Celsius)
Design Pressure: 660 KPA
Design Temp: 170 Degrees Celsius
TP: 1132 KPA
Design Approval No: 8022P89
Dimensions: 914mm ID
Depth: 762 mm (ID)
Height from floor to top of vessel; 1384mm (mixer height not included)

Price does not include Safety interlocks, electrical controls or steam train.
Size/Capacity:Capacity:378 Litres (100 gallons)
Stock Number:COOK19449S
Serial Number:49200-1

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