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IOPAK MIX 2000 Double Helix Ribbon Blender (2,000L) - SUS304

Good USED IOPAK ribbon blender
- Double ribbon (contra flow) configuration.
- Split Teflon seals for quick/easy change.Far more sanitary and EASY TO CLEAN
-150mm diameter pneumatically operated butterfly valve discharge.
95mm diameter of shaft
- Substantial bar mesh guarding under a hitch up hinged lid arrangement.
- Domed / curved lid with air struts for ease of lift and sturdy lid structure

A 415V AC, Three Phase 15 KW, 29 (Output) RPM Gear motor (Worm wheel & Pinion) is direct coupled to the blender shaft.

* Recommended Oil: TORA 220 or equivalent (if the gearbox is 7 years old or more, TORA 320 or equivalent).
Model:MIX 2000
Material Construction: SUS316
Stock Number:MIXE19598S
Serial Number:19058

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