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O-M LTD VCR 45 Horizontal Cartoner

Definition of a horizontal cartoner: A cartoning machine which erects a folded carton, fills with a product or group of products horizontally through an open end and closes by tucking the end flaps of the carton or applying adhesive.

Widely used for packaging foodstuffs, confectionery, medicine, cosmetics, sundry goods, etc.

This O-M Horizontal cartoning machine has a Right to Left configuration. The machine is fitted with a Nordson Hot Melt glueing system and all control functions are managed by a Mitsubishi PLC.
Carton Parameters: (See attached details)
(A)Gable Top - 90.4mm W x 68.4mm L x 227.2mmH

(B)Standard (Regular) Cartons - 80.8mm W x 80.4mm L x 150.4mm H. These can be varied provided the length of the smaller cartons does not exceed the maximum length of the larger box)

(C)Larger Carton - (300 - 408mm W) x (80-100mm H) x (135 - 250mm L)
Model:VCR 45
Size/Capacity:20 - 110 cpm (carton size dependent)
Carton Sizes: 110-200 L x 30-90 W x 25-60 H mm
Current Carton Size: 200 L x 90 W x 25 H mm
Stock Number:PCAR5961S
Serial Number:80126S

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